If you own your own business, have you ever been in the situation where someone asks for a quote of a particular service to be provided but in fact what is really being asked is “I just want to check if you are cheaper?” or have you as an individual purchased something that was ‘cheap’ and then sadly found out exactly why it was so cheap?

Well, here lies the truth that many people can truly identify with….

Rarely, if ever, will you get the luxury of getting all three at one time when ordering or requesting any type of product or service.

However, when you are dealing with one of the most important transactions of your life such as purchasing or selling a property whether it is your home or business what you really need is a smooth and stress-free process with someone who will represent you and will be there to answer any questions you may have. Plus, you want to know that they have experience and are genuine experts in their field.

You may not believe this straight away and do not worry you would not be the first but it is best to choose your conveyancer carefully – (have a look at one of our other helpful blogs – Why do I need a Conveyancer?)


If you want to be looked after, to have someone there to talk to when you require, to get an update or even just to make sense of what is going on – then make sure you pick the ‘FAST & GOOD’ option. It may mean you may pay slightly more than ‘cheap’ but you are bound to get Quality.

There is a fair share of ‘cheap’ out there. But not many are good and only some are fast. So beware of those companies/businesses stating that they can and will meet all three of the fast, high-quality and low-cost requirements. If “cheap and fast” are your preferred options, then you WILL get what you pay for but in doing so you will be giving up the quality piece of the equation. Plus – fast isn’t always an option in conveyancing; searches need to be carried out, banks need to complete their checks and balances and in the event of any delays you won’t get the same care about any implications and defaults that could be imposed.  This could cost you a lot more than paying for a quality conveyancer up front. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is never truer than in this instance.

If you are simply ringing around for a cheap price, just remember that apples may not be apples when comparing.  Ask yourself ‘why are they so cheap?’ Make sure you get all the fees that are applicable in a written quote as many quote what they call their conveyancing fee which may not include a settlement fee, bank/lending fee, a stamping fee etc. these often get added on later when it is too late.  So, make sure the quote you get covers everything that you need to pay in the way of fees,  disbursements such as searches, electronic lodgement fees and government charges for stamp duty and registration fees will also be required and should be advised of these early so that you are aware at the end of the process of what the total of the transaction is going to cost you.

Also, confirm that they will review the Contract and Form 1 in the cooling off period and if this service is also included in their fees, and what happens if the contract falls through? What charges are you liable for – will your conveyancer look over your Form1 for you as part of their service – here’s a hint… we do!

At McKay Business Services you can be assured that we only provide the “fast and good” option to ensure that your property transaction goes through with the minimum of fuss!

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The team at McKay Business Services are all members of the AICSA (Australian Institute Conveyancing SA) and are proud Registered Adelaide conveyancers