How did it all Begin?

In October 2022 McKay Business Services turns 25 – a monumental achievement for any company in these times. Here is a little history about how we got where we are today…

Denise didn’t start off her career in conveyancing or even in the property industry. Denise began work in 1973 in the banking industry, however after having children Denise, with her love of figures and accuracy became a bookkeeper, then an Office Manager and Legal Secretary. By 1995 Denise was assisting a Solicitor who also did conveyancing, and it was at this point in time Denise discovered her passion for property and all things conveyancing in particular.  Initially Denise set up McKay Business Services for consulting and training of an accounting program.  This program is still used by the business today.  After consolidating her belief that Conveyancing was what she wanted to do as a profession she began her studies in 1999 at TAFE and became a fully-fledged conveyancer early 2003. By this time Denise was well known and trusted within Adelaide’s tight legal industry and as she began networking and attending business breakfasts, she built up her client base to become the respected and knowledgeable conveyancer she is today. Conveyancers who have both the experience and knowledge that Denise has are genuinely far and few between.

Denise then discovered that she was more of a ‘risk taker’ than she thought and very early on began employing her own staff.  Many of whom keep in touch and call for advice or come into our office for a coffee and catch up.

Industry Leaders

Denise is respected and admired by all in the conveyancing industry and was involved with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers SA division (AICSA) for many years and indeed three of these years Denise served as President.  During this time, she successfully promoted the industry not only to her peers but also to the public working hard to have the conveyancing industry and all conveyancers being seen as professionals. Denise was awarded a fellowship for her contribution to the industry in 2018 and at the AICSA State Conference 2022 was awarded Life Membership – an award only given to a deserving few. Denise and her team who were there to watch were all extremely proud.

As a result of Denise’s hard work the business is known for being highly professional and seen as an industry leader in all areas of conveyancing.

McKay Business Services Grows

Kate Melvin came on board 8 years ago, and she also had a very different career path prior to becoming one of the state’s best and most respected commercial conveyancers. Kate actually worked for many well-known local book shops and completed her conveyancing studies in 2012.  Kate takes on and embraces the mentoring and training for all our staff as well as the law students that we frequently have working in the office whilst they study.  Kate also handles the HR side of the business which gets busier each year.

Katherine came onboard over 5 years ago initially for work experience whilst undertaking the conveyancing course and instantly became part of the team and never left.  Katherine has a pharmaceutical background which shows in her attention to detail and ability to pick up any issues before they become problematic. Katherine handles all our marketing and PR – including introducing our business to Waikerie and the Riverland surrounds in our recently opened office in the middle of Waikerie.

Changes to the Business…..

In 2020 McKay Business Services changed again with both Kate and Katherine becoming co-owners of the business.  With a growing client base and the industry changing so rapidly expansion was needed. At present there are 8 members of staff – including Senior and Junior Conveyancers, File Managers and Administration staff.

When recruiting staff Denise always says, “things are liable to change at McKay” and as the saying goes ….  ‘ Never a truer word said’

Reputation and Technological Innovations

Denise, Kate and Katherine have built their reputation on being honest, trustworthy, client orientated and friendly business owners.  All the staff subsequently have the same mindset which is why it all works so well.  Our clients often say they love the ‘feel’ of our office and comment how nice it is when they come through the door, they like how friendly and relaxed we all are.  We are a happy bunch, and the sound of laughter often reverberates throughout the office.

We strive to make not only the workplace a happy and safe environment for all, but one that has systems in place so that our workplace is streamlined and efficient.  As the industry changes and evolves we are always in the forefront of implementing new innovations and keeping up to date with the latest technology.  Never a day goes by without us tweaking a template or streamlining a procedure to make life easier for us all.  One of the most positive aspects of McKay Business Services is that everyone here gets a say in how things run.  Denise, Kate and Katherine always listen to the staff if they come up with an idea or suggestion on how to make the office more productive or effective.

Certified Practising Conveyancers

All of the staff at McKay Business Services are fully trained and regularly attend industry seminars so that they are up to date with the current legislation, and all of our registered conveyancers are Certified Practicing Conveyancers (CPC).  This ensures that the business maintains the highly professional and knowledgeable statues that we currently have within the industry.

As to the future? who knows where the business will be in five years’ time. We would like to think that McKay Business Services will keep on growing and remain an industry leader.  All we can say for now is that it has been a fabulous 25 years and we look forward to what the future holds for both the business and our industry in the next 25…….

The team at McKay Business Services are all members of the AICSA and are proud Adelaide conveyancers