Verification of Identity (VOI) requires that there be a face to face meeting between the person being identified and the “Verifier” or their agent “Verifier Agent”. Verifier Agents can be lawyers, conveyancers or other reputable and competent persons who have the required level of insurance. Mostly the VOI is done at your conveyancers office and will be done in conjunction with signing other documents that are required to complete the transaction. However sometime it is difficult to get to your conveyancers office and there are external third parties that can assist with this process.

At McKay Business Services we have two Verifier Agents that we currently use. Zip ID is one of them and we have used their services effectively over the past few years. They have a very useful service and come to you!!! You will need to book an appointment online at a time that suits you.

Australia Post is another Verifier Agent that we are aligned with. Their service is done at the local post office and you may be required to call and make an appointment before undertaking the VOI process at their office

In both cases once we know who you prefer to use we will send a form with a unique reference/barcode that is required when undertaking the VOI with them. We also will send you a Client Authorisation which also needs to be signed in their presence. The Client Authorisation is the document that is required for a conveyancer to sign any legal Land Titles Office documentation on your behalf. The Verifier Agent will then upload all documents that have been signed by you including your identification documents to a secure portal where we can check that everything is in order before settlement.

The reason that Verification of Identity was introduced is to eliminate fraud and to enable transactions to be undertaken in an electronic environment rather than the old paper process.

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Original identification documents must be produced to the Verifier at the meeting. This is similar to the banks 100-point check where a passport, drivers license or proof of age card “photo ID” can be produced together with other identifying documents. This will enable the Verifier to identify a person whether known to them or not. The image on the photo ID must of course be compared carefully with the face of the person attending the meeting.

There are other companies that also undertake the VOI service and you will need to discuss with your conveyancer as to who they prefer to use.

The types of identification that required are detailed in the Verification of Identity Information Sheet

Call one of our friendly conveyancers on 08 8333 3525 and we can explain the process to you.

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