Are you selling your home privately?  Then you will need a conveyancer to prepare the legal documentation for you. A private contract is required when you have found a buyer of your property or business and you haven’t had to list it with a Real Estate Agent. Now when selling your property or business privately it is essential that all dealings are in conjuncture with the Real Estate Property Act. Whether you are selling your property or business privately or you need loan documentation to secure a debt, your conveyancer can help you with that by:

  • preparing the contract
  • conducting all government searches
  • preparing the Form 1 (required under Section 7 of the Land and Business Sale and Conveyancing Act 1994)
  • as well as issuing all the necessary documentation to you and the purchaser.

If it’s a complex matter regarding multiple mortgages, caveats and guarantees then your conveyancer will advise you on what is legally required for you to sell your property or business.

It is also very important that both the purchaser and vendor have their own independent conveyancer to complete their part of the conveyancing transaction. This will avoid any conflict of interest that could occur if you both used the same conveyancer.

If you require advice on contractual arrangements, special conditions and any other obligations then please contact McKay Business Services on 08 8333 3525 to discuss.


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