Eat the Fridge – Moving In!!

Moving In!

Step 1 – Moving In

You’ve arrived, unlocked the doors, opened the windows and checked through the house to make sure nothing has been left behind.  Put your copy of the floorplan somewhere and be on hand to confirm where the furniture is to be placed.  As the boxes come off the truck last they should be taken straight to the appropriate rooms and neatly stacked in readiness for opening later.  If you have a spare room maybe stack the ones you will open later there.  When the removalists have finished unpacking they will want to be on their way.  They will assemble beds etc if asked  and connect the fridge and washing machine before leaving.  Offer them a drink or maybe a pack of beer in appreciation.

Step 2 – First things first

Unpack the essentials such as kettles, cups, cleaning cloths and tea towels.  Then make up the beds.  Have the television set up for small children to watch while you unpack and setup the house.

Step 3 – Attack the kitchen

Being “well planned” you should be thoroughly familiar with the new kitchen cupboards and know where everything is going.  The boxes clearly marked kitchen and your ‘bible’ will tell where to locate the pots, pans, crockery and groceries.  Clothes can be hung straight in the wardrobe and personal items placed in the bathroom.  Don’t try and do to much today.  Take-away is the ideal meal for today unless you are lucky enough to have a friend who has made a meal for you.

Step 4 – Empty the boxes.

As you proceed emptying the boxes flatten them and store neatly in the garage or shed ready for collection later.  Put the wrapping paper tightly packed into a bag or spare box.

Step 5 – Introductions

Introduce yourselves to the new neighbours as soon as possible.  Nothing too encroaching, a quick hello and being friendly from the start makes it easier in the long term.

Step 6 – The ‘Bible’

Keep adding information to your ‘bible’ so it becomes a complete document pertaining to this house – tradespeople, colour charts, supplier etc.  It will be invaluable not only to your but to any future owners of the house.


I hope your move has gone well and the efforts been worthwhile.  Having followed the guide you are now an expert and next time….  you will actually look forward to it.