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Conveyancing Fees:

Each transaction can have a number of variables that need to be dealt with including encumbrances,easements, mortgages with Banks or Building Societies either in SA or interstate, change of name of existing titles and it will depend on each individual circumstance as to what the fees may be. Please contact us to enquire what the relevant fees are likely to be for your circumstance.

Other Costs when Selling:

Agents Professional Fees, Advertising and Marketing, Statutory Searches, Disbursements, Outstanding Rates & Taxes, Discharge of Mortgage Fees, Payout of the Mortgage

Other Costs when Purchasing:

Stamp Duty on Purchase Price, Lands Titles Office Registration Fees on Transfer, Statutory Searches, Disbursments, Adjustment of Rates and Taxes

Statutory Searches:

There are a number of statutory searches that are required to complete a transaction and again these depend on what the purchase or sale is for.

The main searches that may be required are:

  • Property Interest Report
  • Council Search
  • Strata Corporation Search
  • Transport SA Search
  • Encumbrance Search
  • Housing Industry Search

The cost of these searches can range from $350.00 to $450.00 depending on the circumstances.

For more information please contact us direct.

SA Government Stamp Duty and Registration Fees:

RevenueSA Stamp Duty Calculator

Lands Titles Office Registration Fees

The above information is provided as a guide only. It is essential that you contact us direct to ascertain more accurate figures. McKay Business Services does not accept any responsibility for any losses that may occur from using this information.