The team at Mckay Business Services, Adelaide Conveyancing



As you may well know, McKay Business Services was setup by Denise McKay in 1997 and the business is now into its 23rd year.  We have grown slowly and steadily over the years and have become one of Adelaide’s well respected conveyancing firms.  We have a reputation of being a boutique conveyancing practice that does not rely on the mainstay residential conveyancing transactions but delves into the more complex and unusual areas of conveyancing and are known to be honest, trustworthy, friendly, innovative and client service orientated.  Our clients love the feel of our office environment and they often comment how nice it is when they come through the front door and they like how relaxed and friendly we all are.  We are such a happy bunch and the sound of laughter reverberates through the office constantly.

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It is now with great pride and delight that we announce that as of today, Kate Melvin and Katherine Edwards are now co-owners of McKay Business Services. These changes to the management and ownership of the business have come about for quite a few reasons:

Over the past 23 years, Denise has steadily grown the business to of a team of 6 and there has been a lot of responsibility with that along the way.  Keeping up with all the new industry legislation and changes has been interesting and challenging and it is time to share those responsibilities so that the business can move forwards into the future.

It has taken many hours, days and months of working out the best way forward, and Kate and Katherine were the ideal candidates to assist with this. Kate has been with McKay Business Services as a Registered Conveyancer for 6½ years now and Katherine started with us 3½ years ago initially as a conveyancing clerk but, she also is now a Registered Conveyancer.  They both are the perfect fit to be part of the management team and have grasped the opportunity to be more involved in not just maintaining the business but growing and expanding it to even greater heights.

They both are knowledgeable and passionate and fully believe in the culture that has been created at McKay Business Services and as time goes by they will also create their own stamp on how we work and what we do.

As well as their everyday roles as Registered Conveyancers and the responsibilities that go along with those roles, the three will makeup the new management team.  Denise will continue to be the Managing Director with the view of overseeing the business as usual. Kate will be HR and will manage the current staff and their training and wellbeing. Katherine will manage and oversee the marketing and communications. All three together makeup along with their staff a Dynamic  Conveyancing Team in Adelaide.

All have their individual strengths and altogether, Kate, Katherine and Denise will provide the support to the McKay Business Services Team. They all look forward to enhancing the overall experience for our clients, colleagues and the industry as a whole.


As to the future?  Who knows what the conveyancing industry will look like in five years time.  It will need passion and drive to keep up with the inevitable changes which seem to be constantly given to us and the new leadership team of Denise, Kate and Katherine definitely have all that is needed to keep McKay Business Services a relevant conveyancing business in Adelaide.