McKay Business turns 20


McKay Business Services has just turned 20 so I thought I would review how it all started and how the business has developed to where it is today.

I didn’t start off my career in conveyancing or even in the property industry. My beginning was in the banking industry and after having my children I became a bookkeeper and then a legal secretary. These positions have proved to be so worthwhile since I set up McKay Business Services and the experience gained has enabled me to run an manage my business efficiently and effectively.


In 1995 I actually stumbled upon conveyancing by accident. I was in the process of doing bookkeeping for a solicitor and I had set up a new accounting package for him. This in turn led me to be introduced to another solicitor who was looking to implement that same program and I then became a part time employee with that firm. My employer not only became a mentor for me she also taught me the conveyancing process and what it meant to be a professional business person. In 1997 I set up McKay Business Services so that I could be a consultant and trainer for the same accounting program. This was a part time business at that point as I still was employed as an office manager/paralegal assisting with the conveyancing, managing the business and other like duties.

In 1999 I decided I really liked conveyancing so undertook the required studies at TAFE and became a fully fledged registered conveyancer early in 2003. At this point I resigned from working with the solicitor and setup McKay Business Services as a conveyancing practice and thus I began my journey in the conveyancing industry on my own. Scary at the time as though I was well known in the legal industry I had few contacts in the real estate industry. Networking and Business breakfasts soon changed that and I slowly became known as a professional and respected conveyancer.

It seems I was more of a risk taker than I actually thought and as with any business I have had my ups and downs along the way. I started employing staff within the first year and now have slowly increased this to six staff made up of four registered conveyancers (including myself) and two conveyancing clerks. My son Nathan has also assisted my business for the past two years firstly as a staff member but now as a marketing consultant.

I have gone from working at home to renting a room in which two of us worked in it together to an office on Magill Road with four rooms to our current office which is also on Magill Road with room for us all. I still have room for expansion at this office but the next step may be a satellite office on the other side of the city. Who knows where the next few years will lead us!


I have built a reputation of being honest, trustworthy, friendly, innovative and client service orientated and all my staff have the same mindset which is why it all works so well. Our clients love the feel of our office and I often say that it is my home away from home and that is what our clients love. They often comment how nice it is when they come through the front door and like how relaxed and friendly we all are. We are a happy bunch and the sound of laughter reverberates through the office constantly.

I strive to make not only the workplace a happy and safe environment for all, but one that has systems in place so that our workload is streamlined and efficient. Being a systems person has its advantages and as the industry changes and evolves we are always in the forefront of implementing new innovations and keeping up to date with latest technology. There is never a day that goes by without me tweaking some template or streamlining a procedure to make life easier for us all.


I also ensure that all my staff are trained and attend seminars so that they are up to date with the current legislation. All my registered conveyancers are Certified Practising Conveyancers (CPC).

I have just recently been appointed the President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA) Division and look forward to promoting the industry to not only my peers but to the public to ensure that conveyancers are recognised as the professionals they actually are. I sincerely hope that I can make a difference to our industry as I am very passionate about what we represent.

As to the future? Who knows where I or the business will be in five years time. I would like to think that even if I do slow down that McKay Business Services will continue on with either one of the current staff taking on a management role or becoming a business partner and that the name becomes synonymous in the industry.