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McKay Business Services is an Adelaide based conveyancing business in the Eastern suburbs near Norwood and Magill and provides Conveyancing Services to all of the SA metropolitan and country regions.

The team of Registered Conveyancers at McKay Business Services are highly qualified in all property and business transactions in SA and they understand the need to keep the clients informed at all times during the process. All our conveyancers are Certified Practising Conveyancers so you get to talk to a person that is up to date with the latest legislation and industry changes.

Denise, Kate and Katherine along with the team pride themselves in providing a specialised, personal conveyancing service that is not found just anywhere. It is that family friendly, personal touch and availability that really makes all the difference!

Our team at McKay Business Services

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  • Jason Patriarca

I found Denise ‘s support to be invaluable in my first property purchase, when I knew very little. She allayed my fears, handling each step for me and letting me know what I needed to do throughout the process. Her support continued past the purchase. I recommend Denise for any conveyancing work.”

- Di Saunders -

I fortunately have had the opportunity to deal with Katherine from McKay Business Services and many of her clients on a regular basis.  Each client has the same positive feedback and a common opinion is that Katherine always goes above and beyond to ensure that the sale is smooth and seamless. On one occasion I was working with a client of Katherine’s who was saved from making a serious decision on a property that would have ultimately cost them way over their budget. Katherine caught out a problem with the land which would have prohibited them from achieving their ultimate goals. Just a testament that Katherine goes to extreme lengths to ensure her clients are well taken care of. I can highly recommend Katherine and McKay Business Services to anyone in the process of acquiring or selling property and currently do to all my clients, friends and family.

- Omar Raslan – Key Property Inspections -

This is my second dealing with Denise from McKay Business services and I would have to say it has been such a great experience to deal with her. Her level of customer service and actual care is beyond any experience I have ever had! Such a wonderful team of busy professionals! Keep up the good work!

- Craig Vanstone -