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Electronic Conveyancing has now been in place since 4th July 2016 and the conveyancers in South Australia are embracing the change. We at McKay Business Services settled our second online transfer this week early and we are encouraging other conveyancers to come onboard.

It is an exciting time with many benefits to all involved and as one of the early adopters it has been a great experience to be involved with the PEXA staff. They have been in South Australia assisting with the first transactions and setting up other conveyancers onto the PEXA platform.

What are the benefits of Electronic Conveyancing? Firstly the Purchaser gets the security of Title Registration taking place within 48hours of settlement and the vendor gets cleared funds almost immediately. No more bank cheques and waiting for clearance. No more delays and waiting in long lines at settlement for the conveyancers.

However while the basics of conveyancing are still the same as it used to be, the onus is now on the conveyancer to have all the right documentation in place. It does mean that we get to know our clients more and builds lasting relationships. I can only see that as a positive for all involved.

It is time for all SA Conveyancers to get onboard and keep up with this modern world!

If you would like more information, call 8333 3525 and speak to one of our conveyancers who are in the know!


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