Verification of Identity is finally in force in SA and we at McKay Business Services are fully set up to do the verification in house for you.

Verification of Identity requires that there be a face to face meeting between the person being identified and the “Verifier” or their agent. Agents can be lawyers, conveyancers or other reputable and competent persons who have the required level of insurance.

Zip ID is our preferred Verifier Agent and we have used there services effectively over the past few weeks. They have a very useful service and come to you!!!

Original identification documents must be produced to the Verifier at the meeting. This is similar to the banks 100 point check where a passport, drivers license or proof of age card “photo ID” can be produced together with other identifying documents. This will enable the Verifier to identify a person whether known to them or not. The image on the photo ID must of course be compared carefully with the face of the person attending the meeting.

We have uploaded a client information sheet on our Resources page as well as the Zip Id Form if you prefer to use their services.

Call one of our friendly conveyancers on 08 8333 3525 and we can explain the process to you.



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