PEXA has been in operation in South Australia from 4 July 2016. the article below discusses the benefits of embracing the challenge of the digital age of conveyancing



Electronic conveyancing is fast approaching but will probably not exist in South Australia until about 2015. However, the Lands Titles Office are introducing certain aspects over the next two years to make it an easier transition when the time comes. The first requirement to be introduced is the verification of identity (VOI) of parties involved in various common types of land transactions. This has voluntarily come into effect as of 1st July 2013 but will be compulsory as of 1st January 2014.

VOI requires that there be a face to face meeting between the person being identified and the Verifier or their agent. Agents can be lawyers, conveyancers, authorised deposit-taking institutions (e.g. banks) or other reputable and competent persons who have the required level of insurance. Australia Post will provide an identification service as they are already setup for taking passport applications and have the necessary facilities to provide this service.

Original identification documents must be produced to the Verifier at the meeting. This is similar to the banks 100-point check where a passport, drivers license or proof of age card (photo ID) can be produced together with other identifying documents.  This will enable the Verifier to identify a person whether known to them or not. The image on the photo ID must of course be compared carefully with the face of the person attending the meeting.

All methods of identification will require at least two forms of documentary identification and where no photo ID is available other forms of identification may suffice.

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