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Before buying or selling a home or investment property in SA there are a number of things that you should think about. Such as having a professional building inspection done before proceeding with a purchase.

But that’s not all, below are some other checklist items that you will need to consider:

Finance – have you contacted your Mortgage Broker or Bank? The earlier you arrange this the easier the whole transaction will be as they will ensure that your finance is ready on time for settlement.

Real Estate Agent – if you are a vendor looking to sell then a real estate agent will be required to assist you with this stage

Local Amenities – have you looked at where the local schools, council office, bus or trains and shops are in relation to the property you are purchasing. These are items that are worthwhile checking out before you sign a contract

Estate Planning – do you have a will and a power of attorney? If not, then it is wise to arrange this as soon as possible.  A solicitor is the best person to arrange this and a financial planner can assist with your superannuation and other estate planning needs.

Ownership —you will need to consider whether you want to purchase as a sole person, joint tenants, tenants in common or maybe a trust or self managed superannuation fund. For more information please call us to discuss your options

Building and Pest inspectionsis there asbestos anywhere on the property? Are there termites or other pest? Is the building structurally sound?  Get a building and pest inspection done to find out.

Property Manager – you will need to find someone to look after the property management if you are purchasing as an investment property

Carpet and House cleaningare the carpets and floors dirty? Does the house need a good professional clean? Get someone to clean them for you before you move in or out of the property

Locksmith – new keys or change locks. Does your property need new locks or a security system? Then you will need a locksmith to assist.

Swimming Pool compliance – does the property have a swimming pool. Is it compliant?

Insurance – did you know when you sign a contract to purchase a property that you need to take out insurance immediately?

Transfer, cancel or setup Utilities – ensure you notify the correct companies for cancellation or setting up your utilities such as Electricity, Gas and Telephone, Broadband.

Redirection of Mail – have you let everyone know you are moving and have you advised them of your new address.

Removalist – have you booked a removalist for the day of settlement and do you have enough boxes to pack your belongings into?


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