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So, you’re thinking of buying or selling a property and then someone asks, ‘have you chosen a conveyancer?’ Now, many people don’t even know exactly what a conveyancer is let alone which one to choose nor why they actually need one!  So your next question is “Why do I need a Conveyancer”


You have decided on the property you want to purchase and have negotiated the price, signed the contract and then you think what next?

Well, this is where a good conveyancer comes in. Finding a reliable registered conveyancer is one of the most important components in the successful settlement of the sale or purchase of a property. Conveyancing is something that most people do not readily understand so it is important to use a good conveyancer who will guide you through the process.  They will pay close attention to detail and ensure that the transaction occurs as quickly as possible.

A good conveyancer will be an asset to you and will not only hasten the transaction process, they will work to ensure that the deal does not collapse and ideally, will minimize stress and anxiety throughout the settlement period.


Then there is the aspect of getting a quote for the conveyancing fees which can vary quite a lot in South Australia. This can be a bit like ordering a meal, you see the price for lunch advertised on the blackboard and think ‘wow! That’s a good deal’ then you sit down and eat your meal, after completing your meal you ask for the bill and to your surprise you ended up paying a lot more than first thought. You also had to pay for the table water, the bread provided, the service tax oh and because you’re in a fancy city there’s a levy too. So, your initial thought of a good deal turned out to be no cheaper than any other restaurant, but what’s worse is that you had expectations of receiving a good deal and you were denied that.

Well the same thing goes with conveyancing, if you are told you are getting looked after for a cheap fee and you don’t have to worry about a thing, the chances are you’re not! Like anything, quality comes at a cost and for conveyancing quality comes in the form of putting the client first. Many conveyancers quote only their fees and not the add-ons that are required to complete settlement such as a mortgage liaison fee, stamping fee, verification fee, admin fee, archiving fee, other disbursements etc etc

A good conveyancer is worth their fees many times over as they can save you much more than just money in the process. The true value of good conveyancing stands out when your conveyancer clarifies the terms and conditions, discusses any issues and provides working solutions that save you time and money. Every transaction needs to be looked over carefully regardless of the complexity or size. Remember it is an important transaction to you. Above all your conveyancers aim is to make your experience as stress free and as enjoyable as possible


As an Adelaide Conveyancer we at McKay Business Services do our best to achieve a great outcome for our clients, because sometimes things happen which are beyond our control!

  • Two transactions for one of our clients were number one and two in a line of four settlements. Numbers three and four were unable to settle on time which left Michelle in a jam – she had to sell her house but couldn’t buy her new one! We didn’t find this out until the last minute, and she had furniture in the truck and ready to go. We negotiated with the vendor that she could store her furniture at the new house and move in with her parents for a few days. Eventually the vendors decided that they could move in with their son and let or client occupy until settlement. Thankfully she wasn’t homeless!


  • Over the past few months we have acted for people who live in many different places- our clients don’t just come from suburban Adelaide! Far flung places include Singapore, India, Canberra, Cambodia, Perth, Streaky Bay and a station 2 hours out of Alice Springs. No matter where people live we still have to adhere to a timeline and work out the best way of signing documents. One such client had been living in a motorhome for 2 years and was moving from Perth to Streaky Bay. We had to email all the documents with instructions for her to post back, and then work out how she was going to get money into our trust account. There were a couple of hiccups along the way but she has now moved into her new home and is loving it.


  • We assisted Executors of an estate when our clients were undertaking the sale of their family home when their mother passed away after a very long illness, and the family took a long time in dealing with her personal effects. A lawyer took care of the requirements of probate and we arranged for the Title to the house to be transferred into the name of the executors. They were now able to deal with the property and it was sold soon after at auction, and settled with a minimum of fuss. It was a very emotional time for them, and the client told me “not only are we orphans, we are selling our family home”. We deal with our clients with sensitivity and make sure settlement goes through as smoothly as possible.


  • An individual might refinance their home loans for many different reasons- a better interest rate or to purchase more property. Their circumstances may also have changed since they last bought property, and sometimes they will need a conveyancer to help satisfy their bank’s requirements. One such client had gotten married and moved to Perth since we settled her last property purchase. She and her husband were purchasing a new home in WA but the bank wouldn’t let them refinance until her name was changed on the SA property. She didn’t know where to start so I talked her through the process and let her know the costs. As time was of the essence I prepared the document and emailed it to her with instructions that afternoon. Once she had signed it in front of a JP she express posted it to me to certify. The bank in Sydney had the document they required within 4 days, and the new property settled on time.

Having a good conveyancer that takes the time to look after you in difficult or stressful situations certainly makes sense.


Remember, if you want to be sure that your interests are looked after then it’s best that you appoint your own independent Conveyancer. You have the right to choose who you prefer and should not have the same conveyancer as the other party. This avoids any difficulties if a conflict arises, as having your own conveyancer means they can give you independent advice to assist you throughout the process. Also, the earlier you speak to a conveyancer the better as they can help you look over the contracts and discuss the documents and the process BEFORE you sign.

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