Denise McKay

Business, Land-Divisions, Commercial Lease, Family Transfers

Denise founded McKay Business Services in 1997 and since the restructure of the company earlier this year now holds the position of Managing Director.

Denise’s enthusiasm and passion is obvious to any who meet her and her extensive knowledge of the industry is almost unparalleled with others within the industry often consulting her on the more complex issues. Denise loves solving problems yet genuinely still takes time to help her clients understand the process and ensure they feel confident in all aspects of their Conveyancing process.

For the previous three years Denise was the President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA Division) but has recently stepped down to make way for a new President whilst she concentrates on the next stage of the business.

As the business has developed and grown Denise has proudly welcomed on board Kate and Katherine as co-owners and is looking forward to where the company will go from here.