Fran Nitschke

Fran Nitschke

Residential, Commercial Leases, Private Contracts

Fran has been working in the conveyancing industry for over 20 years, where her philosophy is to take time to properly understand her clients, their needs, and the situation that they are in. She can then tailor the service to find their exact requirements.  Fran is sincerely grateful and humbled when clients return; their coming back to her when again making a move or investment is a testament to her skills.

Since merging with McKay Business Services, Fran is delighted to be working with equally meticulous and diligent professionals who share her passion for conveyancing.

Professionally, Fran is a Senior Registered Conveyancer and also a past member of the AICSA Board.

When not in the office, Fran enjoys travelling, music, cooking up a storm, and relaxing with family and friends.