Selling a Property

If you are selling property, then there are many things that need to be considered both before and after the sale.

As conveyancers, we can check the contract before you sign to ensure that you fully understand what your obligations are.  We can explain any special conditions, and make you aware of the timeframes that need to be met. The purchaser gets two days to cool off once the contract has been completed, but you as the vendor do not have any cooling off rights, and once signed, you are locked into that contract.

Once the contract has been signed, we as conveyancers ensure that we get everything in place in order for settlement can be completed on time.

See our resources page for  “Selling Property – What we do for you”.

There are also many things to consider before you start the process, and things you will have to do yourself before the settlement date.

Here are a few tips that should assist!

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Buying a Property

Buying a property, whether it is your first or subsequent home, an investment property, or a vacant block of land, can be a very stressful process, and there are many things to consider.  As conveyancers we can ensure that you understand the documentation and discuss the requirements to make sure that you have everything in place before settlement.

As conveyancers, we can assist by making the process as smooth as possible, and can advise you on the terms and conditions required even before you sign a contract. We can confirm what is included or excluded from the sale, what finance clause is required, along with any other special conditions or requirements, and ensure that you understand what you are signing.

See our resources page for “Buying Property – What we do for you”.

You will also have lots of input from family, friends and professionals but always keep in mind your own intentions and goals. Here are a few tips from us!

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Community Title/Strata Titles

Purchasers regularly asked the questionWhat is the difference between a Community Title and Strata Title”.  Here are the comparisons that should assist with this query.

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Family Transfers/Matrimonial Transfers

Life is forever changing for all of us and sometimes the impact of these changes is beyond what we can see in front of us. Such changes can be something positive like marriage or beginning a same sex de facto relationship or conversely it could be a death in the family. Either way these situations are of a sensitive nature and need to be dealt with carefully so you need the right professional to guide you through the process.

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The term caveat derives from the Latin term ‘beware’, essentially it is a warning or cautionA caveat can be placed on a Certificate of Title to protect a person’s unregistered interest in that land. A mortgage agreement or a spouse’s interest in land are examples of this. A caveat can prevent any further dealings with the property until that unregistered interest is dealt with.

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Private Sales

Are you selling your home privately or maybe purchasing a property or a business through private sale?  Then we can assist in preparing the legal documentation for you. A private contract is required when you have found a buyer of your property or business and you haven’t had to list it with a Real Estate Agent.

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Form 1 Preparation

At McKay Business Services we can prepare a Form 1 for you,  either in the process of a private sale or if requested by the real estate agent selling your home.  Firstly you need to know what a Form 1 is and what it all means to you as a vendor and what information and rights the document provides to your purchaser.

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