A common question asked  about the whole process of buying and selling property, particularly by first homebuyers is ‘can I really choose my own conveyancer?’… and the answer is YES!

As mentioned before in previous blogs, a conveyancer’s job is often unknown or disregarded as being important or worthy of appointing someone to do. So, it becomes normal that a first homebuyer for example will leave the decision to someone else (generally their real estate agent or mortgage broker) as it’s believed that because they have signed a contract there is little else to do.

However, from experience and more so the experience of our clients, I can tell you that there are very good reasons why you should choose your own conveyancer and here a 5 of the best!


You choose your real estate agent and mortgage broker so for the same reasons you should choose your own conveyancer. These important professionals may well refer you to a conveyancer but just like any purchase in life its best you do your own research and make sure you get the best deal.

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Your conveyancer is someone that you want to feel comfortable with, someone that works exclusively for you as there are going to be many questions you will want to ask along the way and you certainly want to know that your conveyancer is there for you when you need them. This will help to keep you at ease and give you confidence that they will ensure settlement happens on time.

If you are unsure of what to ask your conveyancer check out the FAQs page to help give you an idea on what to be aware of


Make sure your conveyancer has the necessary experience as this will ensure your transaction goes smoothly and mean that you are kept up to date with everything.

It’s best to choose a conveyancer that is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers South Australia Branch (AICSA) and if your representative is a Certified Practicing Conveyancer (CPC) this will mean that they are currently up to date with all industry training and regulations.

Electronic Settlements have progressed very well in South Australia and will now be mandated from  August 2020. It is important to choose a Conveyancer who has vast experience and knowledge on how to settle your property matter electronically.


It is also important not to use the same conveyancer as the other party. You may find that it is suggested that this will save time and money when a conveyancer acts for both parties (this is not necessarily correct) and if a conflict of interest should occur then many issues will arise. An independent conveyancer that is solely working for you will protect your interests. You can’t have that confidential chat if they are acting for the other party especially if a problem arises.


Like in any business there are 3 types of service available

  • Good and cheap but this won’t be fast
  • Fast and good this may not be as cheap
  • Cheap and fast, this generally won’t be very good.

Conveyancing is much more than just filling out forms and reading through contracts. There is a lot of discussions with government departments, organising of funds with financial institutions, creating the necessary documents and most importantly, there must be time committed to you to ensure you are up to date and informed about the whole transaction. So, think carefully about what type of service you are after because you are not guaranteed to get it. Remember you usually get what you pay for and a cheap conveyancer will more than likely NOT provide a full service. When asking for a cheap service it would first be a good idea to ask yourself what part of the job do you not want done.

As I mentioned earlier, like any other purchase or transaction in life you want to have friendly service by someone you feel comfortable to call or email at any time. In this case that’s a conveyancer who really knows the industry well, someone who can pick up any infractions well before they become an issue, someone that you confidently trust and someone that will make your life so much easier throughout the process giving you peace of mind.

It is never too early to engage the services of a conveyancer. A great conveyancer will guide you through the process by not only making sure your contract of sale is correct before you sign it and reviewing your Form 1 during your cooling off period, but will ensure you are kept fully informed right through to settlement date. Also important is that they will always be available to answer any questions that you have when needed.

To hear more about how your conveyancer can help make your life easier please check out any of the links below.

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Good Cheap Fast

Certified Practising Conveyancer

The team at McKay Business Services are all members of the AICSA and are proud Adelaide Conveyancers                                                                                       


The team at McKay Business Services are all members of the AICSA and are proud Adelaide conveyancers